Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in North America

It’s happening right now, hidden in the rural neighborhoods of America, protected under the guise of religious freedom. In the privacy of Muslim compounds across our land, they are preparing our own citizens to wage a holy war—jihad—against America. As many state and federal authorities turn a blind eye, these Islamic extremists convert our own citizens, then teach them how to kill. One informant, who lived undercover on these compounds for more than eight years, warns: “They are asleep. They are a bomb” waiting to go off. The plan and ultimate goal of radical Islam is not just to inflict terror by attacking our nation, but to inspire homegrown terrorism from within, committed by Americans against Americans. The plan is working, and the goal is being achieved. This is the descent that the United States is experiencing—this is twilight in America.

Two members who belong to the terrorist camp now known as, Muslims of the Americas, had tried to blow up a Hindu temple in the 1990’s. Apart from jihadist training they run all forms of criminal activities involving drugs, welfare fraud, guns, brothels, murders. Their former name was Jamaat ul-Fuqra and are mainly African-American Muslims connected to Sheikh Milani in Pakistan. According to a profile of al-Fuqra by the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT), the group is believed to have been founded by Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani Hashemi in 1980. Gilani, who lives in Pakistan and was questioned there in connection with the abduction of Daniel Pearl, founded the group on a trip to the United States. Members initially engaged mostly in attacks against Indians and Indian religious figures in the US.

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New York Cedes Ground in the Fight Against Terrorism

Fight Against TerrorismCapitulation in a time of conflict is demoralizing to the rank and file charged with protecting the community they serve. This appears to be the case in the latest legal go round between the New York Police Department (NYPD) and Muslim activist groups.

U.S. District Judge Charles S. Haight Jr, is about to accept an agreement that will hand over control of the NYPD's Intelligence Division investigations to a civilian monitor appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

This is the same mayor who loudly cheered President Obama's last-minute commutation of FALN terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera, who will be freed in May. De Blasio extolled the works of a man whose organization was responsible for more than 100 bombings, many in New York City, including one that killed four innocent people.

To understand the impact that this proposed settlement, between the NYPD, and the activist organization known as the Muslim Advocates will have on existing counter terrorism measures, we have to understand how vitally important is the issue of protecting cities against attacks by radical Islamist terrorists. The activist groups claim that the police department unfairly singled out Muslim communities in the greater New York/New Jersey area for investigation and surveillance. They also claim that gathering specific information about the neighborhoods amounted to unprecedented “profiling.” They point to a little known NYPD unit that collected the data and accuse it of spying.

Their argument belies the fact that collecting demographic statistics has been used for years by the U.S. Census Bureau to map out trends and changes in neighborhoods. Law enforcement agencies nationwide have used this practice for decades to investigate criminal organizations such as the Mafia, or Columbian drug cartels. The normal investigative process would include forensic examination of the communities most likely to be victimized by criminal organizations. The FBI did not set up surveillance in Chinatown when taking down the Cosa Nostra. They went to Little Italy.

Radical Islamist organizations have in the past infiltrated Muslim neighborhoods in the United States and exerted harmful influence on those communities. For example, in 1990 a little known Islamic cleric named Omar Abdel Rahman came to live in the greater New York area. He visited mosques in Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey City and elsewhere, and before long forced out any clergy who were not in line with his radical …

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Center President Calls For Georgetown University To Repudiate Professor Who Defends Slavery, Misogyny

gtwonCenter for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney today responded to outrageous statements made recently by the executive director of Georgetown University’s Saudi-funded Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Jonathan AC Brown. The Georgetown professor of Islamic Studies condoned slavery and rape in the course of remarks made recently at the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated International Institute on Islamic Thought (IIIT).

In a letter today to Georgetown’s president, John DeGioia, Gaffney – an alumnus of the university – observed that Brown was promoting conduct that is directly at odds with his alma mater’s stated policies, including such assertions as: “It is not immoral for one human to own another human” and “Consent isn’t necessary for lawful sex.”

Mr. Gaffney called for Georgetown University to disassociate itself from Brown’s abhorrent, supremacist and misogynistic remarks by publicly renouncing them and terminating his employment.

The full text of the letter is below.

Frank. Gaffney.Jr., President & CEO
22 February 2017

President John J. DeGioia
Georgetown University
3 h and O Streets, NW
Washington, D.C. 20057

Dear Dr. DeGioia:

In my freshman year at Georgetown in 1971-1972, I spent a semester living in an oversized closet on the fifth-floor of Old North. It was what previously passed for housing for slaves of university students.

I was reminded of that unsavory history of my alma mater when, in September 2016, you personally made a public apology for Georgetown's sale in 1838 of 272 slaves to stave off financial ruin. You went to considerable lengths to demonstrate contrition for this action, including multiple steps aimed at promoting reconciliation with the descendants of those sold as chattel, among them “establishing a living and evolving memorial to the slaves from whom Georgetown benefitted.”

Imagine my surprise, then, to learn that an employee of your university used a recent “l et.:ch at the International Institute on Islamic Thought to condone and rationalize the practice of slavery – not in some bygone era, but today. Among Professor Jonathan AC Brown's astounding quotes was this

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Muslim Brotherhood: We're Spending $5 Million on PR in U.S.

“The group has launched a major influence campaign to prevent Congress from designating the Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.”

A senior Muslim Brotherhood official in Sudan told an Arab newspaper* that the group’s international leadership has launched a major PR campaign to influence the U.S. media and members of Congress to oppose the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

The Brotherhood official predicted that the group would not be designated by the Trump Administration and that the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act introduced into Congress would fail.

He claimed that his organization had made contact with governmental officials and members of Congress and convinced them that the Brotherhood is opposed to terrorism, even though the Brotherhood’s Palestinian wing—Hamas—is designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the U.S. State Department.

The author of the article reports that, according to sources within the Brotherhood, the group has spent $5 million on the PR campaign, with contracts being signed last month. Individuals close to Hillary Clinton put Brotherhood officials in touch with PR firms.

The effort to influence American media included having articles and essays published to argue against designation of the Brotherhood.

Indeed, a slew of articles defending the Brotherhood were published as it was reported that the Trump Administration was planning to designate the Brotherhood. Most of these argue that the Brotherhood is opposed to terrorism and violence. As I wrote in December 2014, this notion is patently false.

The Brotherhood also thanked the leaders of Turkey and Qatar for defending the organization. Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have designated the Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

The Egyptian government warned that the Brotherhood has a lobby in the U.S. disguised as civil society organizations. An Egyptian government website cited a study done

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'Protect our Nation from Radical Islamic Terrorism'

During his speech before the US Congress President Trump stated: “We are also taking strong measures to protect our nation from radical Islamic terrorism”

It is astonishing that the President of the United States vowing to protect and defend the American people would be remotely controversial, and meet with stony silence and angry stares from one of the nation’s two major political parties (and probably inwardly from a good many establishment Republicans as well), but that is the degenerated state of affairs today.

In any case, one significant aspect of this address was that President Trump reiterated his determination to combat “radical Islamic terrorism” — a formulation is new national security adviser, H. R. McMaster, has explicitly rejected. Questions about whether Trump was retreating from his previously stated determination to discuss honestly the motivating ideology of the enemy, which is an indispensable prerequisite to defeating that enemy, were put to rest for the moment.

Our obligation is to serve, protect and defend the citizens of the United States. We are also taking strong measures to protect our nation from radical Islamic terrorism.


According to data provided by the Department of Justice, the vast majority of individuals convicted of terrorism and terrorism-related offenses since 9/11 came here from outside of our country. We have seen the attacks at home, from Boston to San Bernardino to the Pentagon and, yes, even the World Trade Center. We have seen the attacks in France, in Belgium, in Germany and all over the world.

It is not compassionate, but reckless to allow uncontrolled entry from places where proper vetting cannot occur.


Those given the high honor of admission to the United States should support this country and love its people and its values. We cannot allow a beachhead of terrorism to form inside America, and we cannot allow our nation to become a sanctuary for extremists.

(APPLAUSE) That is why my administration has been working on improved vetting procedures, and we will shortly take new steps to keep our nation safe, and to keep those out who will do us harm.


As promised, I directed the Department of Defense to develop a plan to demolish and destroy ISIS, a network of lawless savages that have slaughtered Muslims and Christians, and men, women and children of all faiths and all beliefs. We will work with our allies, including our friends and allies in the Muslim world, to extinguish this vile enemy from our planet.


I have also imposed new sanctions on entities and individuals who support Iran’s ballistic missile program, and reaffirmed our unbreakable alliance with the state of Israel.

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What you need to know: Joint Meetings, Joint Sessions, & Inaugurations

US CAPOn Tuesday night, President Donald Trump delivered an address to a joint session of Congress in Washington, the biggest speech he’s given since his inaugural address back on Jan. 20. But don’t call it a State of the Union address.

In almost every way, the speech Mr. Trump gave is identical to the State of the Union, the annual, wide-ranging speech a sitting president delivers before Congress early in the year. That speech is used to reflect on the progress of the previous year and help set the president’s agenda for the coming year.

Mr. Trump is expected to do much of that in his speech to Congress: he’ll outline his policy priorities and help frame the first year of his presidency, doing so before members of the Cabinet and the full Congress. But a president’s address during his or her first year in office is never referred to as a State of the Union address — because after just a few weeks into his term, a new president isn’t expected to know the full state of the union. Instead, the speech is more about looking toward future plans than recapping the progress of the last year. Still, it’s been tradition in recent administrations for the new president to deliver a speech to a joint session to Congress in the early weeks or months of his term. For example, former President Obama delivered his address to a joint session of Congress on February 24, 2009 — approximately one month into his first term.

The two houses of Congress generally work separately, but on occasion the House of Representatives and the Senate gather together. Moments of great significance have taken place when the two houses hold such meetings. This chart lists those occasions where Congress meets as a single body since the First Congress (1789–1791).

Joint Meetings or Joint Sessions? The parliamentary difference between a Joint Meeting and a Joint Session has evolved over time. At present, the distinctions have these features:

A Joint Meeting takes place when the House and Senate agree to recess and meet with the other chamber. The purpose of a joint meeting has usually been for Congress to hear an address from an important figure—generally a visiting foreign leader. This practice became a standard part of foreign leaders’ state visits to the United States after 1945.

A Joint Session takes place when the House and Senate adopt a concurrent resolution. Joint Sessions typically are reserved to hear an address from the President of the United States or to count presidential electoral votes as specified by the U.S. Constitution (Article I, section 1; 12th Amendment). On January 6, 1941, two Joint Sessions were held the same day: to count the presidential electoral votes and to hear President Franklin Roosevelt deliver his Annual Message to Congress.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives usually presides

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1997 Jerusalem Undivided

UCIOn April 7, 1997, the Unity Coalition for Israel honored Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu under the banner, “Jerusalem Undivided,” in Washington DC at the J.W. Marriott Hotel.

This was immediately prior to his meeting at the White House with President Bill Clinton. The event was Co-Chaired by Kay Arthur, co-CEO of Precept Ministries International. Around 4500 people were in attendance.

(Click here to watch video)

The following introductory statement was delivered to the Prime Minister by Esther Levens and the Unity Coalition for Israel:

We believe in and actively support the United States strategic alliance with Israel.

We support the right of Jews to live anywhere in the land of Israel.

All of us collectively insist on the termination of terrorism as a negotiating tool against Israel in the peace process.

We call for an end of the persecution and harassment of Christians and minorities in the Middle East.

We demand the unconditional withdrawal of Syrian occupation forces from Lebanon.

The American people wholeheartedly and without qualification stand with Israel on the issue of an undivided Jerusalem.

UCI commends Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for representing and defending the status of the Holy City with great dignity, great determination and with great courage.

UCI is a testimony to the unwavering, unrelenting and total support to the Prime Minster, to the Israeli government and to the people of Israel by Grassroots America.”

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'Proclaiming Justice to the Nations'

G. Gordon Liddy, prior to speaking-out against anti-Semitism and over-restraining Israeli self-defense. He addressed the first Judeo-Christian, “Proclaiming Justice to the Nations” Alliance dinner.


Pictured chatting with Unity Coalition for Israel's Director, Esther Levens, at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville.

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