The Decline of Western Civilization

The Decline of Western Civilization

Americans are fearful of yet another attack on our homeland by radical Islamists. We remember those who have fallen during the horrific willful murders by our enemies, Islamist terrorists, who have changed our world and are attempting to alter it much further by penetrating our democracy and creating a caliphate ruled by Sharia law.

Our website, Democracy Under Attack, creates an awareness of the dangers we face. Israel and the United States, Jews and Christians alike have seen the inhumanity of 7th century depravity carried out by the radical Islamists against our American journalists Daniel Pearle, James Foley, and Steven Sotloff. No “infidels” will be spared.

Political correctness and failure to identify the Islamic element in this equation, both by world governments including our own leadership, as well as the mainstream media, make awareness of this issue an urgent necessity. ISIS has already introduced an “Islamic State” in Syria/Iraq that threatens Europe, Israel, the United States, and other democracies. College students are especially targeted. Iran moves forward with its nuclear armament. Radical Islamic cells are being introduced throughout the U.S. and Hamas has declared war on Israel. Democracy worldwide is under threat of extinction by the international Radical Islamic movement.

“It is a Muslim's destiny to perform jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny.” –  Quote from the Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for North America.

We urge you to view the featured articles listed below. These articles reference links to videos and other materials that we have made available to you on the Democracy Under Attack website. Please share these important resources with your network.       

Also review our main website: Unity Coalition for Israel

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