ISIS in AmericaThere are 300 Islamic State sympathizers based in the United States who are active on social media, according to a new report by the Program on Extremism, at George Washington University.

The groundbreaking report, by Lorenzo Vidino and Seamus Hughes, identifies 250 Americans who have attempted to join the Islamic State and 900 open FBI investigations relating to ISIS.

It analyzes the Islamic State’s presence in the United States, monitoring both online and offline activity and details case studies of individuals who have joined the Islamic State. It’s broken down into two parts. The first exhaustively pulls together available information on all U.S. citizens who have been arrested for Islamic-State-related activity. The second examines motivations, including the role of social media.

“While jihadist causes have lured American recruits for several decades, the surge spurred by the rise of ISIS and its sophisticated marketing of its counter-culture to impressionable Americans is unprecedented” the report concludes. – “The data and vignettes provided in this report illuminate the complexity of the threat and caution against simple solutions. In their response to this challenge, American political and civic leaders will need to be bold, experimental, and receptive to novel policies and initiatives in order to defeat ISIS and protect some of our fellow citizens from falling into its clutches.”

Download and read the full report: ISIS in America – From Retweets to Raqqa

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