Mike Pence says the president of Honduras told him who is really funding the migrant caravan

[Editor's Note: Article 1 of 4 in today's focus on “The Economy of Geo-Political Change” featuring the funding behind the recent “Migrant Caravan” working its way to the US-Mexico border. Note the President's and Vice President's confidence in naming the President of Honduras as their source for this information!]

Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday that the President of Honduras revealed to him who is actually funding the controversial migrant caravan that is heading through Mexico towards the U.S. border.

“Organized by leftist organizations and financed by Valenzuela”

Pence told the media about the revelation during a media briefing in the Oval Office with the president.

“At the president’s direction I spoke to President Hernandez of Honduras,” said Pence, “he told me that the caravan that’s now making its way through Mexico headed for the southern border was organized by leftist organizations and financed by Valenzuela.”

“And the Democrats maybe?” added the president. “And the Democrats?”

“It sounds like you’re teasing about that but where’s the proof that Democrats are paying for this caravan?” asked CNN’s Jim Acosta. “Why would they pay for a caravan to come up two weeks before the election?”

“You know what?” Trump replied. “You’re gonna find out, and we’re gonna see. Well maybe they made a bad mistake too.”

“We’re gonna find out about that,” he concluded.

The Mexican ambassador to the U.S. also told Fox News that officials suspected the caravan was organized out of political motivations, rather than simply as a grassroots effort.

The caravan has crossed into Mexico and grown from its initial size of 1,000 migrants to as many as 7,000 by some reports.

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